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Google My Business is the key to a successful local marketing strategy but many business have yet to fully understand it's importance. With BIG TACK Marketing's Google My Business Optimization Services you'll have a strong local presence on Google and dominate your local area. Turn searchers to customers.

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is your business struggling to attract high quality customers?

Are you losing out to your competitors and don't know why?

The key to a solid online presence is to be in the right place at the right time.  Your customers are signaling their intent by doing a simple search for what they’re looking for right when they need it.  Meet them then and there with your name at the top of the search results through your Google My Business listing. 

Having a robust, complete and active GMB profile will drive more traffic, get more phone calls and potentially increase your sales.

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What Our Service Will Do For You:

  • Boost your presence on Google
  • Increase engagement with your listing and your business
  • Increase phone calles, bookings and website traffic
  • Positively convey your companies expertise in it’s service offerings
  • Expand your reach to new local areas

With BIG TACK Marketing, our dedicated experts will optimize your Google My Business Listing, update your listing with posts, pics, and info throughout the month, manage your reputation and reviews and get your business seen in your local area for all of the services you offer.

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Your GMB listing should be the first thing a new customer sees as they search Google for the local services you need.  Don’t get lost in the pack.  Demand attention, get seen, and be the first company customers choose from search results with our expert services.

Get Noticed. Get Customers

Choosing the right primary category is a crucial factor in your positioning in Google local search rankings. We would customize your Company Profile with the right types, characteristics, personalized details, correct map pin positions, and more. From the basic information to the finer points, no details or opportunities are wasted.  We have got your back.

Knowledgable Experts

Many people have little understanding of how Google My Business (GMB) works and how it impacts your company’s ability to show in search results.  GMB has many different features and we have learned the more you use the better your ranking is.  Sounds expensive?  Not to worry, we consistently leverage all available functionality at no additional cost to you.

Making You Look Good

Show customers that your company values their customers feedback by having our team respond to reviews and questions for you.  We’re going to help you keep on top of your online reputation and partner with you to turn negative feedback into postitive for your company.

we love Helping Businesses Rank Higher On Google

Our Google My Business Optimization Services are tailored for businesses that have defined local service areas and who offer exceptional service to their customers.  Just a few examples include multi-location businesses, franchises, home service and repair, salons, mobile car detailing, law firms, dentists, healthcare services, insurance agents and retail.  Getting seen on local search is incredibly important to the success of these businesses but business owners don’t have the time to become Google My Business experts.  With a little of your help and some patience (*results do not happen overnight) you can gain an advantage over your competitors and start seeing an increase in sales and traffic.

Check out our work

google my business heat map beofre optimization

Before GMB Optimization

Each dot on the map equates to the position our client would rank in the Google Map for a local search. The higher the number the least likely they are to be seen (or chosen) by a customer in their local area.

google my business results after optimization

After GMB Optimization

After working with the client to define the services they offer and exactly where they offer it, we went to work. They now rank in the highest position for each service in many service areas.

As you can imagine, our client was very happy with the improvement our services had on their bottom-line. 

Below are just a few metrics they shared with us.

+ 1
New Customers Each Month
1 %
Conversion Rate on GMB Listing
1 %
Increase in Revenue
- 1 %
Monthly Advertising Costs

There are so many advantages to having your Google My Business optimized through BIG TACK Marketing… edging out your competition on search, increasing visibility and listing engagement, reputation and review management, increasing bookings, leads and revenue… all at a very reasonable monthly price.  It all starts with a FREE GMB Evaluation.

Google My Business Optimization Services


prices may vary based on # of

locations and service industry

Our Expert Managed GMB Services Include

One on one consultation

Cometition Analysis

Managing and Monitoring Reviews

Post Creation and Scheduling

Weekly Photo and Video Uploads

Managing and Monitoring Q & A

Spam Monitoring and Reporting

Issue Resolution and Mediation

Listing Placement Reporting

Weekly Insites Reporting

Managing Your Services and Products

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Frequently Ask Questions

Yes!  You can manage your GMB yourself…we’d like to think its rocket science but it’s not.  But it does take a some studying and a lot of time.  As a business owner, you have skills and expertise in your industry and those skills and your time are far better spent managing and growing your business.  If you are here on our website, considering our Google My Business Optimization services, then you ARE doing a great job of ensuring your business will grow.  Leave the GMB to us.

Most businesses can have a Google My Business listing but there are a few exceptions.  Please review the guidelines here or contact us to discuss your business.

Nope. Nope. Noppity nope.  The price is the price.    

We hate to have to tell you this, but probably not.  Most digital marketing agencies don’t think GMB is worth their time.  Which is unfortunate.  Your GMB should be the cornerstone of digital marketing strategies because it is the most customer facing platform out there.  

We can manage Google My Business listings in: USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Ask us about our Spanish translated services.

Yes, of course.  Our Google My Business Optimization Services are offered without a long term commitment or contract.  But please reach out to us before you do.  There’s a few reasons why.

Other than the obvious…. we’d like you stay on as a customer of ours… sometime customers stay on for two – three months, get a big bounce in their traffic and think ‘all’s good’ and want to cancel.  Unfortunately, Google and the search results are a highly competitive, ever changing environment.  That bounce will go away if you leave your GMB listing without updates and attention.  We don’t want to see that happen.

We’d also love to know if our service was unsatisfactory.  We get to know our clients, their employees and sometimes even their customers.  We want nothing but the best for all of them.  If you’re looking to cancel, please do let us know if there was something we could have done better.

There are some technicalities to take care of.  When you sign on with BIG TACK, we need access to your Google My Business listing and possibly your website (if we are helping you with local SEO as well).  We’d like to make the transition to your new provider seamless and efficient so you don’t loose any ranking you have gained with us

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Send us your details and we’ll do a full evaluation on your current Google My Business listing FREE of charge.  We’re happy to help.